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The HTM 300 is valveless DTH Hammer designed for drilling 95mm - 105mm (3 1/4" – 4 1/8") dia. holes over wide range of operating air pressures. It is an excellent tool for soft, medium and hard rock conditions. An Overall cost-effective and user-friendly tool for use in the most demanding conditions. It is especially suitable for drilling applications where great depth requirements demand less air usage with minimal performance loss. The HTM300 is supplied with a 2 3/8" API REG. pin Backhead, as standard but other connections are available on request.

Description                                Part No.

Complete Hammer                       HTM300

Back Head                                  HTM302

Check Valve                                HTM307

Spacer I                                      HTM313

Spacer 2                                     HTM314

Spacer 3                                     HTM311

Liner                                           HTM306

Control Tube                                HTM319

Wear Sleeve                                HTM301

Piston                                         HTM304

Circlip                                         HTM315

Bush                                          HTM312

Bit Retainer                                 HTM310

Chuck                     `                  HTM303

Bit                                              HTMB300


Hammer Specifications

Diameter                                    85.0 mm

Hole Range                                 95.0mm-105.0mm

Bore                                          68.70 mm

Hammer Weight                           24.5 kg

Length Shoulder to Shoulder 880.0mm

Standard API thread                     2 3/8”APIREG

Piston Diameter                           68.60 mm

Piston Weight                              4.0 kg

Bit Shank Length                          180.50mm

Adaptable Bit Range                     DHD3.5

100  101  6.9 2.9
200 230 13.8 6.5
300 375 20.7 10.6
400 501 27.6 14.2


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